Inspiration for setting up a home gym

If you spend a little more time at home, you can also set up your home as a gym. Handy, because this way you get enough exercise and training every day. The guideline is that you should exercise intensively for at least half an hour every day. With a few devices you can train all your muscles and burn a lot of calories. Or, for example, train a nice tight six pack. But which devices do you choose when setting up a fitness room at home? We give you some inspiration.

Barbell bar 

A barbell is of course indispensable in your home gym. Especially when you want to train your muscles. Preferably buy an Olympic barbell with a diameter of 50 mm. This is 2 meters 20 long on average, so your space must be at least 3 meters wide. Optionally, you can also purchase a barbell of 1 meter 80. Check whether the rod has bearing sleeves and also a good grip. On average you have to count on around 100 euros for a barbell.

Weight plates

In addition to the bar, you also need weight plates. These come in all kinds of materials and shapes. Most sets have a total weight of 140 kg. In total 20 kg for the bar and 120 kg for the discs. You usually get these as follows: 2 × 15 kg, 2 × 20 kg 2 × 10 kg, 4 × 5 kg, 2 × 2.5 kg and 4 × 1.5 kg. Decide in advance with what weight you want to train and buy as few discs as possible. And of course, a weight bench is also very practical.

Exercise bike

In addition to a weight bench, many people also choose an exercise bike or cross trainer at home. You can choose from different types of devices. Consider, for example, a cross, home or spinning trainer. With these devices you train your entire body. The movement is not very stressful on your body, so the risk of injuries is small. With cross training you burn more than 400 calories per hour. Ideal if you want to lose weight and also for your fitness of course.


Dumbbells are among the essentials in your home gym. They are very versatile and you can do many different exercises with them. You can also train different muscle groups with it. Think of arm and leg muscles. Do you have a small space? Then dumbbells are definitely recommended, because they take up little space.

Abdominal trainer

There are all kinds of different abdominal trainers for a nice tight six-pack. Consider, for example, an ab trainer with which you can do sit ups. The perfect way to train a nice tight belly. The movement is not stressful for your body. Also take a look at the format. There are also foldable models that take up little space. Ideal when your fitness room is not that big.

Home fitness without materials

Do you have little space but would you still like to train at home? Or are you just starting to exercise and don’t feel like buying a subscription? Then you can also furnish a room at home without materials. All you need is a mat on the floor. You can also use some dumbbells. For example, you can do all the exercises on this site without equipment. Free and just as effective!

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