E-bikes, why not or buy them?

Is an electric bicycle good for your health and the environment?

We Dutch are really cycling people! You can also see that in the road system in the Netherlands, because the roads are bicycle-friendly almost everywhere. The motivation for cycling is usually that it is so good for your health, you get outside and you automatically move a little more. It is also possible that for the environment you are more likely to take a bicycle, which is of course a nice thought, and sums it up is simply out of Dutch economy. But now that the economy is picking up again, that last motivation seems to be moving to the background because the e-bike is very much on the rise. At first you only saw old ladies and gentlemen cycling with it, they were the first types with a large engine block that you had to remove, but nowadays students also drive past you with it! So not only for retirees who make a day trip, but also for commuting or to school.

Then the only question remains whether the other other motivations still apply, because does an electric bicycle affect your health and is it good for the environment?

Of course, cycling on a regular bicycle remains more intensive and as a result you will burn more, but the question is, do you also take your regular bicycle with 10 km or more? There is the benefit with an e-bike, you pick up your bike earlier and leave your car at home with an electric bicycle, so at the bottom of the line you move more, even if it is supported by a motor.

And think of anyone who cannot use a normal bicycle due to medical complaints, there is 100% profit to be made. First depending on the car or other people and now you can go outside again independently. The great thing about an electric bicycle is that you can determine the support yourself. The lower you put the support, the more you have to exert yourself.

Some more advantages:

  • Arrive at work less sweaty.
  • No headwind.
  • Cycle with ease with heavy bags
  • There are also cargo bike models handy with small children.
  • A moment of relaxation.
  • Handy in hilly areas.


  • The price can be a stumbling block (they vary between 800 and 6,000 euros)
  • You must provide a charged battery
  • They are wanted so always well locked !!
  • Others are jealous of you 

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